March 31, 2016

22-year-old Radha was brought for psychiatric evaluation by her parents and husband.  Her parents reported that she had been complaining of multiple pains and bodily symptoms for several years.


Her husband reported that ever since their marriage a year back, she freque...

March 24, 2016

Anxiety rears its head in everyone’s life- day to day, hour to hour – anxiety about work, school, relationships, etc. Anxiety passes for most but for some it lingers, destroying the fabric of their existence.

Take the case of Asim. A healthy, happy 29 year old, he foll...

March 17, 2016

Everyone knows that one person who is extremely meticulous when it comes to the things they do. It could be the way they obsess over the smallest details or the way they insist on doing something a particular way. They may even take things like personal hygiene and hom...

March 10, 2016

 Jealousy is a part of the human experience – an emotion we all experience from time to time. There are times when people let jealousy get the better of them. In extreme cases jealousy can consume a person completely, destroying their very perception of reality. Such m...

March 3, 2016

 Layla, 19, seemed full of remorse as she sat in the back office of the supermarket. Minutes earlier she had been apprehended for shoplifting. Although this had happened to her before, the authorities usually let her go after she returned the stolen item or paid for it...

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